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Housing Styles: Ranch Homes

https://dtzulyujzhqiu.cloudfront.net/keyrealtyakroncanton324/images/1528399093.jpeg" alt="" width="448" height="315" />One of the most popular architectural styles in the Downriver and Monroe County

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The Difference Between Modular and Manufactured Homes

https://dtzulyujzhqiu.cloudfront.net/keyrealtyakroncanton324/images/1528389388.jpeg" alt="Modular Home Construction" width="448" height="336" />Confused about the differences between Modular and

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What is a Comparable Market Analysis or CMA?

https://dtzulyujzhqiu.cloudfront.net/keyrealtyakroncanton324/images/1528387853.jpeg" alt="Market Analysis" width="448" height="298" />Simply put, a Comparable Market Analysis, or CMA, is the best

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Make Jam! And 7 More Ways to Make the Most of the Coming Weekend


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