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Housing Styles: Ranch Homes

Dated: 08/07/2018

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One of the most popular architectural styles in the Downriver and Monroe County area is the ranch style home.  First built in the 1920's, the ranch-style home gained huge popularity among the booming middle class of the 1940's through the 1970's.  

Reaching its peak of popularity in the 1950's, ranch-style homes accounted for nine out of every ten new homes built.  However, by the late 1960's tastes had begun to shift toward homes more formal or traditional in design.  By the late 1970's the ranch home was no longer the home of choice.  

Interest in ranch-style homes revived beginning in the late 1990's and the style remains popular in this area today.  Aging Baby Boomers are looking for the convenience of one-story living, GenX buyers are drawn to the retro look as these homes remind them of the houses of their youth, and first-time GenY buyers are interested in the affordability of these homes in established, tree-lined family-friendly neighborhoods. 

The ranch style is easily recognized by its low, one-story profile.  Some key elements of this style include simple interior and exterior trim, large overhanging eaves, attached garages, simple open floor plans, and asymmetrical regular or L-shaped designs.  Common options include sliding glass doors leading to a patio, vaulted ceilings, and large front windows, as the main (or formal) living area was almost always located in the front of the house.  

Variations include the Raised Ranch and the Bi-Level Ranch in which a finished basement is mostly or completely above ground.  A Reverse Ranch means the living areas and perhaps the master bedroom is located on the main floor, but the other bedrooms and perhaps a family room is located in the lower walk-out basement level.  From the front, the property appears to be a normal ranch, but when viewed from the back the property appears to be a two-story home.  Reverse ranches are energy-efficient because they benefit from being partially underground, which reduces heating and cooling costs.  However, with our mostly flat topography, it is rare to find a true reverse ranch in Monroe County or Downriver.  

Check back later for details on other architectural styles of our area.  

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