Every Buyer Deserves Representation

Dated: 04/22/2018

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Buyers Agent

Sellers hire real estate agents to sell their home.  When a potential buyer calls the agent on the sign, the buyer may not realize the agent on the other end of the line has already been hired to get the highest sale price possible.

This conflicts with the Buyer's goal of getting the best possible deal on a house.  

A Buyer's Agent is hired by the Buyer to represent the Buyer in a real estate transaction, assist the Buyer in finding suitable homes to view, help the Buyer prepare for homeownership, assist in preparing and negotiating offers, making sure the Seller completes the transaction by following the terms of the Purchase Agreement or Purchase Contract, disclose the Buyer any known information about the Seller that may be used to benefit the Buyer's negotiating position and assists in making sure the Buyer gets to the closing table with the least amount of hassle.  

Best of all, these services are usually provided at NO COST TO THE BUYER.  Typically, the Seller's Agent gets paid a commission at closing from his client (the seller), and the Seller's Agent splits his commission with the Buyer's Agent - the agent representing the buyer's half of the transaction.  

That's right - all of these valuable services are provided FREE to the buyer by a Buyer's Agent.  So when looking for a home, be sure to partner with a Buyer's Agent who will be in your corner, looking out for you, and making sure you get the most home for your money.  

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